The 5-Second Trick For vaping jargon and terms glossary

Chlorosis could be the yellowing of leaves in unhealthy or dying crops. Chlorosis takes place if the manufacture of inexperienced chlorophyll stops and  the manufacture of yellow carotene pigments increases.  

Inductive Photoperiod in cannabis cultivation terminology usually means to induce a plant to flower by altering the volume of hrs it really is exposed to light.  Crops grown indoor commonly acquire sixteen hrs daily of light while in the vegetative stage of expansion.

Manicure implies to clean up a cannabis plant by removing superfluous, so that the plant's Electrical power and out there light goes into the manufacture of bouquets (buds), that have the highest levels of cannabinoids, including THC.

Alcohol Extraction is a method to help make conentrates within the bouquets (bud) of marijuana. Cannabis is usually extracted making use of ethyl Alcoholic beverages (very best), or isopropyl (not the ideal) for a solvent to dissolve cannabis trichomes and crucial oils from flowers (buds).  Ethanol is the one Liquor must be Utilized in tinctures. The dissolved cannabinoids and critical oils (terpenes and terpenoids) in an alcohol extraction is often eaten immediately or concentrated by getting rid of the alcohol by evaporation, by heating the answer or working with vacuum distillation.

Fuse is a security machine in An electrical circuit that melts when You can find far too much recent is dealing with a wire.

Cartridge (Abbreviated as Cart) – A plastic tube-like piece that is often full of some sort of absorbent filler substance that holds the juice.

F1 strains are frequently quite regular and strong in potency given that they may have sturdy genetic components the maiden parents.

Hostile Environment is really an environment that is definitely severe, horrible, unfriendly and inhospitable.  In cannabis cultivation, the intention is to provide a hospitable surroundings for vegetation, even though concurrently offering a hostile atmosphere for pests and illness.

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Etiolation usually means to mature in total darkness.  Etiolation is used as a method to initiate root expansion in seedlings in which starch amounts fall, strengthening tissues and fibers start off to marketing packages melt, mobile wall thickness decreases, vascular tissue diminishes, auxin (progress hormone) amounts rise, and undifferentiated tissue forms. These circumstances optimized will initiate sturdy root development.

A 420 Evaluation is usually a health care job interview conducted by a licensed medical doctor, that establishes if marijuana may possibly deal with a affected person's situations and symptoms.  In case the physician finds that a individual includes a quaifying problem shown less than California Proposition 215, and revised Senate Monthly bill 420, the physician might officially advise (in composing) using medical marijuana.

Bloom Booster is really a fertilizer that is definitely specially made to promote flower blooming.  Bloom boosters are higher in phosphorus and potassium, which promoted flower yield and harvest quantity.

Dehydrate signifies to dry a little something out completely.  When cannabis vegetation are harvested, They may be dried to maintain them.  If vegetation aren't thoroughly dried, marijuana can spoil and mould.

Lumen can be a evaluate of sunshine output - just one lumen is equivalent to the level of light-weight emitted by one candle, that falls on 1 square foot of surface, Situated a person foot far from a typical sized candle.

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